Reach for the Best in You; Become Your Own Hero Delaying Your Launch Hurts the Quality of Your Life Anything is Possible: Ironman Slogan
Reach for the Best in You; Become Your Own Hero Delaying Your Launch Hurts the Quality of Your Life Anything is Possible: Ironman Slogan

Corporate Training


The corporate training workshops include the following:



Dr. Levy offers corporate education such as lifestyle modification, stress reduction, coping potency, resiliency building and how to develop meaningful leisure skills to lead more meaningful, self-determined lives imbued with genuine, enduring happiness.  


Research demonstrates that organizations investing and making a commitment to offer their employees personal development workshops attract more qualified workers, improve morale, enhance job satisfaction, develop competencies and create inclusive work environments.  


In addition, corporations maximizing on opportunities to provide employees with self-improvement workshops convey a sincere commitment to empower their employee3s to acheive their fullest potential in relation to their personal and career pursuits.



* Teambuilding (You, Me and Them: An Awesome Us)


* Developing Outstanding Managers (Developing Core Competencies to Become an Outstanding Manager)


* Tired of Pushing Big Gears? Just Gear Down and Enjoy the Ride (lifestyle modification, stress reduction, designing a fit for life program)  





*Developing Core Competencies to Become an Outstanding Manager



A workshop designed to equip managers with the skills to manage the dynamic, fluid and changing workenvironment that demand you adapt to the challenges by learning new strategies and skills.  The soft skillsincluding emotional intelligence, decision making, resolving conflict and building high performance teams will bereviewed.  Experiential learning activities such as simulations, case studies and role playing active listeningtechniques will be included.  The topics reviewed include managing personal stress, developing self-awarness,completing self-assessments, coaching, cultural competency, motivating employees, managing conflict,empowerment and delegating, building effective teams and teamwork, leading positive change. consensusbuilding and action planning.  All participants will receive a handbook containing the workshop curriculum.



*You, Me and Them: An Awesome Us (teambuilding)



Teamwork is a core developmental process that can dramatically and positively affect departmental and organizational performance. For a manager to be effective and respected by supervisees, he/she must demonstrate the indispensable skills to create united, highly effective teams. This training will teach managers the skills and strategies essential to creating social and positive interdependence, the importance of sharing information, supporting each other to make work more efficient and in the process, members creating their own, unique roles and identities. High functioning team members nurture and support one another, develop trust and interdependence which is crucial for optimal performance. Managers will learn how to engend credibility through consistent follow through, integrity in work and how consensus building creates solidarity.


The training will demonstrate how disagreement and conflict can be maximized resulting in creative breakthrough and solutions to problems Innovation can be achieved through creative problem solving.


The attainment of the above ideals energizes team members, creates reciprocity and contributes to the healthy functioning of the team.


* Tired of Pushing Big Gears? Just Gear Down and Enjoy the Ride (lifestyle modification)



A workshop on deepening our understanding of how chronic stress can produce feelings of helplessness and loss of control in life.  By familiarizing ourselves with how sustained exposure to stress maintains helplessness, we can more effectively respond to the challenges and uncertainty of daily life.   We must remember that stress only becomes unbearable when we feel incapable of modifying our lifestyles and maintaining control of our life.  Altering our environment and making healthy lifestyle modifications will balance our lives, produce fulfillment and enable us to lead value driven lives from which to draw meaning and purpose.  Integrating meaningful leisure activities, strategies to be resilient, initiating a fitness program and learning healthy nutrition habits will contribute to more lasting moments of happiness and contentment.


Services for Law Enforcement

Dr. Levy


Forensic Psychology


In March of 2013, Dr. Levy and Chief Celano offered their training to the Seal Beach Police Department and they received very favorable evaluations.  In 2012, they conducted three workshops to train approximately 90 Tustin Police Department officers, in addition to offering the workshop at the Southern California Police Chief's annual conference in Palm Springs.  


Dr. Levy and his colleague Charlie Celano, MA, Chief of Tustin Police Department offer a four hour training for law enforcement on how to effectively interact with the mentally ill in the community.  The training includes curriculum outlining and comprehensively describing mental illness, how to develop active listening skills leading to positive outcomes when encountering the mentally ill in the community.


Currently, Josef levy, B.A. and a retired Commander from Long Beach Police Department and Dr. Levy are conducting the workshop.  

Chief Celano
Dr. Levy at Seal Beach PD Training - March, 2013

Strategic Planning



Becky is a professional consultant with over 16 years of executive experience in nonprofit management.  She is skilled in strategic planning and group facilitation, and offers individualized trainings and workshops tailored to address an agency's most pressing needs. Becky is also an accomplished grant writer, whose winning proposals have helped local organizations support and expand their critically needed services. Her awards and recognitions include: "Outstanding Executive Director" by the Agency Executives Association,  "Community Champion” by Molina Healthcare, "Woman of Distinction" by California 63rd District Assemblyman Bill Emmerson, and "Everyday Hero" by the YWCA of Riverside County.


Services offered include:


Strategic Planning: Developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, this highly interactive process engages all stakeholders in creating long and short-term goals with specific timelines, activities, expected outcomes and success measurements.  This process is normally conducted over two days and is customized to meet an organization’s specific needs.


Group facilitation: Becky is adept at leading group discussions focused around addressing immediate issues and concerns, resulting in a mutually agreed upon course of action that is reasonable and fair to all parties.


Grant writing: Becky is an accomplished grant writer with a winning track record.  She offers an initial consultation at no cost.  Grant writing is billed on a per project basis.

Elijah and Nora before Arizona Ironman: November, 2011
Elijah at Arizona Ironman, 2011
Elijah at the Wailing Wall
Elijah with his dad Jules, 2015
Elijah and Bishop James Ferguson
Elijah with Charlie Celano being sworn in as new Chief of Tustin Police Dept. in 2014

In March of 2014, Founders House of Hope published an anthology of poetry written by residents enrolled in the creative writing class.  The free verse poetry captures, in a sensitive yet evocative style the challenges of living with a mental illness, hope and how the indomitable will to overcome and embrace recovery engenders meaning and purpose in life. 


Dr. Elijah Levy is a deeply thoughtful, caring individual who encourages and inspires all who come in contact with him to pursue their aspirations with conviction and courage. He emphasizes high ethical standards, critical thinking, and respect for diversity. His concern for the needs and well-being of others is rare and genuine. I am and will always be extremely grateful for the support and guidance he has provided me.

Norman Stadler


To order Elijah Levy's books, booklets, curriculum for courses or the documentaries please visit the page: Dr. Levy's Publications.


A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these items is donated to Founders House of Hope.


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